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Inspiring Creativity in the Classroom

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Teachers

An Into Opera CPD...

"clear, inspirational and met the brief exactly" 

100% of teachers who have participated in an Into Opera CPD would recommend Into Opera CPDs to other schools.  "Yes I would recommend this Into Opera CPD it was very different from 'the norm'"

Into Opera CPDs investigate how the arts can sit at the very heart of a school’s teaching strategy. We aim to build confidence and skills in teaching arts subjects amongst staff whilst also highlighting how the arts can be so much more than a stand alone lesson. Through our CPDs we introduce teachers to a wide range of creative activities which can be used across the academic curriculum with the intention of making the learning process more immersive, memorable and imaginative for children. These CPDs also encourage teachers to pursue a creative approach to lesson planning across the whole curriculum, promote thematic based teaching and activities which have the potential to unite a whole school.


Our CPDs are bespoke and tailored to each individual school with which we work. As part of this package we can also provide creative consultancy to advise and then practically support schools in embedding the arts across their curriculum. Please get in touch by email to make an initial enquiry:

Eastern Daily Press - Into Opera
Teacher Testimonials 
"These CPDs have given teachers not just further ideas to improve practice, but inspiration to extend the way they teach each specific subject - using a range of sources (not worksheets!)."
"Into Opera CPDs have given me the 'freedom' to think more creatively using a theme-based approach"
"I believe the learning that has the greatest long-term impact takes place when there is enjoyment in an activity and when children are emotionally engaged. I believe this in turn stirs a child’s curiosity, ignites their imagination and boosts their over all engagement and ability to develop ideas and express those ideas with confidence."
Genevieve Raghu, Artistic Director Into Opera
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