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Gobbolino The Witch's Cat - Into Opera
Gobbolino is born a witch’s cat, but he wants to be...
 a kitchen cat.

Gobbolino the Witch's Cat is a story about identity, difference, acceptance, belonging and tolerance. When Gobbolino's family refuse to accept his dream of becoming a kitchen cat, Gobbolino goes in search of a new home. He ventures from Hurricane Mountain to a busy farm, to a tower up high in a castle... he is even recruited by sailors and caught up in a dangerous, storm at sea. What's more, little Gobbolino comes face to face with a dragon! This resilient cat, going from one adventure to another, has a lot to teach children and adults alike. 

Into Opera is transforming this well-known children’s book, Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat by Ursula Moray Williams, into an opera for family audiences. The opera will include an 8-person professional cast and 10-piece chamber orchestra. We are offering hundreds of primary school children the opportunity to participate in developing this brand new opera and to gain a unique insight into the often ‘closed’ process of how an opera is actually created. We aim to offer children a truly immersive introduction to opera, which enables them to explore, challenge, and creatively participate in all elements of what this art form can offer. Children have already started working with:


Composer: Patrick Hawes

Librettist Andrew Hawes

Librettist and Stage Director: Genevieve Raghu

Music Director: John Andrews

Workshop Artists: Lizzie Holmes (Soprano) and Rachel Coe (Clarinettist)

“The workshops have been absolutely fantastic because they have lifted the children out of their ordinary world and challenged them to think differently, respond differently and generally open their minds up to new worlds. The quality of provision has been very good indeed.” Vicki Long, Headteacher St Mary and St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Gorleston.

We are currently booking tour dates for the opera in 2022. Please get in touch for details:

Gobbolino Workshops - Into Opera
Gobbolino Workshops - Into Opera
Gobbolino Workshops - Into Opera
Gobbolino Workshops - Into Opera
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