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 Into Opera present professional opera productions, commissions new operas and English-language translations, creates bespoke education projects, and develops CPD opportunities for teachers.

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2020: You Won't Hold Me Back!

a song cycle for primary schools

A major artistic response to the Covid-19 pandemic from six primary schools in Norwich to empower children’s voices. Music by renowned composer, Will Todd and lyrics curated by Genevieve Raghu and Adisa the Verbalizer.




During this unprecedented time, Genevieve Raghu, Artistic Director of Into Opera, talks to professionals from the opera industry about their journeys into opera, the big choices they have made during their careers and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their lives, work and creativity.

A Creative Revolution in NorwicH

Equal Access to an Empowering Education

Into Opera will be offering a two-year residency to three primary schools in Norfolk. The purpose of this residency to help schools break negative cycles in the lives of young people through the intervention of arts and culture. Over our two years with these schools, we will devise bespoke cultural projects and support teachers in putting creativity at the heart of their school's curriculum.

Gobbolino The Witch's Cat - A New Opera

Gobbolino the



Primary schools are collaborating with Into Opera and acclaimed classical composer, Patrick Hawes, to create 'Gobbolino the Witch's Cat', a professional opera for family audiences based on Ursula Moray Williams' famous children's book. This project offers children a unique insight into the often ‘closed’ process of how an opera is created. Keep checking back for updates on how we're getting on...

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Opera Unwrapped Women Centre Stage

Into Opera have produced an Opera Unwrapped concert which puts Women Centre Stage. Our artistic director, Genevieve Raghu first hosted this event in 2019 joined by the widely acclaimed soprano Anna Patalong, mezzo-soprano Carolyn Dobbin and pianist Libby Burgess. Together they explored the way in which women have been depicted in opera, in the music and on the stage.


Norfolk Into Opera Festival

 2019 saw the launch of the Norfolk Into Opera Festival. This was Into Opera's take on a summer opera festival - family friendly, affordable tickets, relevant story telling, breathtaking performances and our own pop-up bar!


Plans for 2021 are in progress... 

A King's Ransom

A King’s Ransom is a 16-week children’s opera and education project providing children aged 7-11 with a high quality, empowering and imaginative first encounter of opera. The premiere took place in February 2018 with 160 children performing alongside the renowned chamber ensemble, Britten Sinfonia.

Inspiring Creativity in the Classroom

Into Opera runs CPD workshops for teachers to inspire greater creativity in the classroom across the academic curriculum. Our CPDs are always tailored to suit the specific needs, hopes and aspirations of a school. Into Opera also provides arts consultancy supporting schools in embedding a creative strategy at the heart of their curriculum.

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